Steel Tube Screen Door

Steel Tube Screen Door
Product Details

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Product Numbers:CHAM-SSSD001

Product description:Steel Security Screen Door for residential houses/outdoor buildings



* Fully welded

* Gal. Steel tube

* 304/316 stainless steel mesh is optional

* Easy installation and save labor cost

*Reversible design for both LH & RH



Size: 813/914mm x 2032mm Standard Size (Custom Sizes and Options Available)

Material: 30*30*1.5mm steel frame; 25*25*1.2mm steel tube door leaf;

Color: Black/Off white etc

Hinges: 3 anti-thief hinges

Lock: Knob lock or Cylinders Available

Package: cardboard + plastic bag

*Screen and scroll pattern can be designed accordingly.

*Stainless steel mesh can be extra added for security strength