Energy - saving polymer composite doors

  Polymer composite materials, energy-saving doors and windows known as following the wood, steel, aluminum, plastic after another generation of new doors and windows, is the focus of the promotion of environmentally friendly energy-saving high-tech products. It has the characteristics of green environmental protection, remarkable energy-saving effect, sound-proof and anti-noise, light-weight high strength, excellent sealing performance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, dimensional stability, long life, good insulating property and rich color.

 Energy-saving glass fiber composite profile thermal conductivity of 0.39W / mk only metal 1/100 ~ 1/1000, is the quality of insulation materials. In addition, the glass fiber composite profile for the fasting structure, and all the gaps are strip, top seal, so the insulation effect is remarkable. The heat transfer coefficient K = 2.2W / (㎡.k), thermal insulation performance is a national standard GB / T8484-2002 standard level 8; glass fiber composite flat glass (glass) The heat insulation coefficient is K = 1.8W / (㎡.k). Insulation performance is in the international standard GB / -8484-2002 level 9; glass fiber composite window (single box three glass Windows, low-e glass

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