Large industrial door safety tips

1, make sure the door runs good, no block; only installed the balance spring, well-balanced door install door machine, otherwise the door may overload damage; be sure to please you with a professional installer when installing to check for and install.

2, installation and wiring must be carried out in accordance with the construction standards, and electrical standards, diameter ≥ 1.5mm2; power cable must be connected to earthed Sockets, prohibiting removal of the earthing wire on the power cord.

3, door rails should be installed at the end mechanical limit with GE or buffered booster to prevent sliding out the door.

4, quick release handle is intended for professional installation, maintenance, operation use, and only in the door has been closed

Lock, no risk of falling under the weight of, this wrench is to be free. This wrench is free during operation is strictly prohibited.

5, the control box should be installed in the door operation can be observed where prohibited invisible the process running the local operation the remote control.

6, please control box fixed at 1.4 meters high on the wall, to prevent children accidentally touched. Also keep an eye on remote control, prevent children from touching or playing in order to prevent danger.

7, before the repair and mobile operator, please cut off the power supply, and make sure the door is locked, no risk of deadweight fall under.

8, while the door is running, no pedestrians and vehicles from below the door by or stay below the door.

9, not in an electric opening and closing body pulling the hand chain.