Telescopic door

1, intelligent infrared anti climbing device: when you encounter a person to climb, the system will call the police, so as to safeguard the door security.

2, special profiles: high hardness of zinc-aluminum alloy with different geometric shapes on bones and muscles can be greatly enhanced strength, surface by special electrophoretic processing, gloss unlimited, not sticky, not contaminated gas corrosion, no rust, new longer.

3, engineering plastics: major plastic parts (such as the connection between pipe and pipe, plastic parts, body parts, and so on) using high quality engineering plastic (such as PC, PA), toughness, impact-resistant, wind resistant, abrasion resistance, frost resistance, light resistance, anti-aging, long life, suffering from lightning, wind and snow and rain.

4, intelligent infrared probe anti-collision device: door in the process of closing or 30-50cm foreign body can automatically return to run, so as to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. Standard structural: rows of empty (that is, distance between the next two big bend head, excluding head size) with retractable doors standard dimensions 320mm (referring to foreign technology) to ensure cross tube the most solid and significantly reduce running noise.

5, a unique process profiles are connected by plastic parts into the main frame, connecting screws hidden design, improve the appearance of doors, profiles and plastic connections using punching, pressing, drilling process, so that the door structure of a solid, no solder. Latest cross-connection design: Cross-tube is made of special craft punch, and Super PA and equipped with wear bushings, closely integrated with the tube not only rows of more solid structures, and guaranteed to run smoother.

6, telescopic doors features to beautify the environment, improving business Outlook, enhance corporate image; help create enterprise, civilized factory of civilization, civilization city atmosphere; improve safety, even late at night in case of damage or over, the police. Retractable door mainly used in residential, schools, enterprises and institutions, and so on.

Retractable door consists of main structure and working principle of retractable door doors, drive and control systems. Special profiles for doors made of high quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy production, using parallelogram principle articulated, telescoping flexible itineraries. Drive using special motors, worm gear speed reducer, with manual clutch, is a power failure you can manually open and close, and control system control panel, push button switch, can also be equipped with wireless remote control device according to user needs. Can be equipped with a scrolling display, show 500 words display the content.

Intelligent Infrared dual-head can be equipped with anti-collision devices or 20-30CM foreign body can automatically return to run, so as to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.